Engelward Lab Members

Bevin Engelward Bevin P. Engelward
Principal Investigator
Director of the MIT Superfund Research Center
E-mail: bevin@mit.edu
Office: 16-743c
Phone: 617 258 0260
Fax: 617 258 0499
Brief Bio

Aimee Moise

Ph.D. Candidate, Biological Engineering, MIT
E-mail: amoise@mit.edu

Research: Mechanisms of microbiome and chemical modulation of environmental carcinogen-induced cancer

christa-april-2015 Dr. Christa Wright (Affiliate)

Director of Toxicology, Chemical Insights Research Institute of Underwriters Laboratories
E-mail: christa.wright@ul.org

Research: Genotoxicity of engineered nanomaterials

Lee Pribyl

Ph.D. Cancer and Developmental Biology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
E-mail: pribyl@mit.edu

Research: DNA Repair as a modulator of mutagenesis in response to environmental contaminants

christa-april-2015 Lindsay Volk

Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, The University of New Mexico School of Medicine
E-mail: lvolk@mit.edu

Research: Effects of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)exposure and probiotics in modulating NDMA

Vandana Singh

Ph.D. Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology – Patna.
Postdoctoral appointment, Chalmers University of Technology
E-mail: vandanas@mit.edu
Research: Novel methods for studies of DNA repair.

christa-april-2015 Elliot Corless

Ph.D. Biology, Marquette University
E-mail: ecorless@mit.edu

Research: Biosensor development and protein engineering

christa-april-2015 Caitlin Doyle, UROP

Currently pursuing B.S. in Biology at MIT
E-mail: cdoyle@mit.edu

christa-april-2015 Matilda Swanson, UROP

Currently pursuing B.S. in Bioengineering, with a minor in Mechanical Engineering at MIT
E-mail: matildas@mit.edu

christa-april-2015 Monét Norales (Affiliate)

Currently pursuing a Master’s in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
E-mail: mnorales@wpi.edu

Evan Kowal (UROP)

Currently pursuing B.S. in Biology, with a minor in History at MIT
E-mail: ekowal@mit.edu

christa-april-2015 Moala Bannavti

Science Communication Assistant
E-mail: moala@mit.edu

Clara Chow

Science Communication Assistant
E-mail: chowc@mit.edu